Image Courtesy of BIASA Artspace

Image Courtesy of BIASA Artspace


Art conservation and restorer Michaela Anselmini hails from Italy where she studied and worked in the field of art restoration and conservation, earning the respect of renowned galleries and artists in Europe. 

In the beginning of the 90’s she graduated from the Artistic school in Italy summa cum laude and was certified as coservation restorer of antique and modern art by Vedeco. In the studio and under the guidance of Comolli Luca and Renate Knes, she gained her initial experience until she opened her own studio in Milan. 

Michaela’s passion for art and warm open personality is infectious while her impeccable reputation and wealth of knowledge makes her an asset to the art world. She continually updates her knowledge by attending various workshops in art restoration and conservation. This ensures she is up to date about the latest techniques and also expands her abilities in order to remain challenged.

Coming from a family of second generation carpenters cemented her work ethics and gave her an understanding and love for anything handmade since early childhood. 

Methods and services provided by Michaela include digital documentation, ultraviolet scanning, resin embedment, anti fungal treatments, hot and cold relining of canvases, and enzyme or anionic cleansing.

She can even give gold, silver and copper items a good gilding by using the gauche method. In actual fact, Michaela can do all of this and much more. Conservation and Restoration is her field of expertise.

Michaela is the official restorer of Europalia "Power and Other Things" exhibition, 18th October 2017 - 21 January 2018 Brussels, Belgium and honoured to be the first art restorer ever hired by the Kraton, Sultan Palace, Yogyakarta.